Malcolm Harris Plans To Change The World...One-Dress At A Time

by THERESA WON · June 30, 2009

    It was the hang-up heard all around the world. The story of how designer Malcolm Harris hung up on Angelina Jolie - not once, but TWICE - because he thought she was a prank caller has now been immortalized by the media, having been repeated over and over again by everyone from Page Six to Access Hollywood. At the heart of the media whirlwind, Harris has maintained his cool and dignity. He has also maintained that celebrity status is not what he is seeking. While most would lose their heads and try to exploit the Angelina story for all it was worth, the prominent designer of Mal Sirrah, Inc. and philanthropist has more transcendent goals in mind. Namely, changing the world One-Dress at a time.

    The LBD (little black dress) had better watch its back. Harris' dress is sure to reach iconic status. Not only for its design, which is constructed out of 100% silk knit jersey, comes in four vibrant colors, and can be wrapped in every imaginable way by the wearer to form several different dresses out of just the One-Dress. It is also truly a dress made for women by women. It's like the Traveling Pants but in a dress form. Everyone looks good in it. Everyone. It creates curves for the stick figures and enhances what your momma gave you for the curvy girls.

    Like the Traveling Pants, the dress encouraged many different kinds of women to come together and pour their dreams and thoughts into the creation of the dress.  After its official launch, the dress will continue to serve as a platform for women to bond and network through the website so that they can hold their own "wrap" parties (think modern-day Tupperware parties) and form focus groups.

    Harris spent months gathering information via social networking sites like Myspace, Twitter, Facebook from over a thousand women all over the world on their lifestyles and desires to create the dress. He painstakingly researched what women truly seek in a dress - favorite colors, necklines, silhouettes, etc - to whip up something that makes the wearer feel comfortable and sexy. Known for his combined sense of aestheticism and altruism, proceeds raised from the sale of the very affordable dresses are to go to Womankind Worldwide, a charity which offers a voice and opportunities for change to benefit women in developing countries.

    The One-Dress makes its debut to the public tomorrow at the "One-Dress Rehearsal" hosted by Guest of a Guest, where a diverse group of New Yorkers will have a chance to try on the dress and discuss the concept of it and how it will change the world - all over glasses of Macari Summer 2007 Rosé. Look for upcoming coverage of the fabulous event!