Mariane Pearl Hosts Event For Upcoming Film At Bowery Hotel

by Chiara Atik · October 9, 2009

    [All photos by NICK HUNT for PMc]. Yesterday evening, Mariane Pearl hosted a private event for her upcoming documentary, "Resilient", at the Bowery Hotel. Pearl, an extremely accomplished journalist and author of "A Mighty Heart", has also achieved the not-insignificant honor of having been played by Angelina Jolie in a movie. If that doesn't make you feel good about yourself, I don't know what will...

    Pulchritude aside, Pearl has done significant work to bring the stories of women from around the world to a mainstream American audience (via her column in Glamour Magazine, whose editor, Cindi Leive, attended the event), and her new film endeavor will no doubt continue to further this cause.

    Beth Murphy, Beth Swanstrom                  Cindi Leive

    Mariane Pearl                                    Leslie Leben, Susan Chokachi Matthew Smith, Lisa Laplace, Ellen Lowey, Douglas Lowey

    Lila Staab, Charlotte Blechman        Michael Curcio, Jaqui Lividini

    Alex Gobo, Charlotte Blechman

    Adrienne Silberman, Leslie Leben, Suzie Boshwitz

    Josie Swantek, Anne Marler           Jennifer Mason, Eric Cohler

    Cheryl Chertkov, Jennifer Reppy, Lily Reppy