Minnie Mortimer Talks Fashion With PJC

by Rachelle Hruska · June 27, 2008

    minnie mortimerMinnie Mortimer's clothing line is here! And our good friend, Paul Johnson-Cauldron recently sat down with the fabulous designer to discuss her inspirations:

    "In her debut collection, Ms. Mortimer has put a modern twist on the decorous duds of the preppy set. From her shorts, (luscious leg NOT included) to her dresses and tops, there really is something for everyone. Think about it: It's not everyday you find something you can wear to the beach club or the Beatrice Inn!!"

    Love the "luscious leg NOT included", the guy (who has mighty fine legs himself might I add), knows what he's talking about.  Minnie Mortimer's legs are as flowing as her name, I don't know ANY girl that wouldn't want to trade.

    Go HERE to see all of Minnie's new line!