More Vampire Mania With "The Van Alen Legacy"

by EMILY HOLLANDER · October 1, 2009

    Veronica Varlow, Melissa De La Cruz [All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc]. Melissa De La Cruz, queen of teenage chick-lit novels including "The Ashleys" and "The Au Pairs" celebrated the publication of her newest novel in the "Blue Bloods" series last night at MEET at the Apartment. Danger Dame Veronica Varlow, Karen Rabinovitz, Ben Widdicombe, Jennifer Wright, and Tia Walker were among those seen munching on Crumbs cupcakes... "The Van Alen Legacy," the fourth novel about vampire descendants of the Mayflower in the Upper East Side elite, is yet another reminder that vampire-based entertainment is still a goldmine.

    Veronica Varlow Jennifer Wright, Rich Strabinsky Veronica Varlow, Jennifer Wright, Rich Strabinsky Karen Rabinovitz, Dee Nuncio Karen Rabinovitz, Dee Nuncio Melissa De La Cruz, Michael Johnston Melissa De La Cruz, Tia Walker Melissa De La Cruz, Michael Johnston, Melissa De La Cruz, Tia Walker