Mother And Daughter Bonding At The Carolina Herrera Launch Of The New CH Fragrance

by CARSON GRIFFITH · March 31, 2009

    [Carolina Herrera and Carolina Herrera. All pictures by SHAUN MADER for PMc]

    Carolina Herrera and her daughter, er, Carolina Herrera launched the CH fragrance last night in the Carolina Herrera suite, located on Madison Avenue. The fragrance is just one of many in a collection for the famous brand. The launch was celebrated in typical Carolina Herrera fashion, with lots of people whose names we can't pronounce and huge blown up pictures of herself. In all seriousness, the mother/daughter collaboration is sure to see as much success with this fragrance as they have with their others, as well as their clothing. More photos below...

    Carolina Herrera

    Carolina Herrera

    Elisa Jimenez, Carolina Herrera, Vanita Sabnani

    Stephanie Cain

    Raquel Edery, Doreen Lasala Coll, Bob Taylor, Elsa Jimenez, Carolina Herrera, Vanita Sabnani

    Carolina Herrera Jr., Carolina Herrera