Nigel Barker Gets NYC Socials To Care About Haiti

by Rachelle Hruska · January 9, 2009

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    Last night, Nigel Barker's Haiti: Hunger & Hope presentation brought out several social New Yorkers to Milk Gallery, including our own Mark Byron who grabbed some great shots. Here's what Scott Buccheit had to say about the event:

    "I met with Lucio Salvatore. Emma Snowdon-Jones, Guy Sinclaire, Philip Ploch,  Michael Murphy, Antony Todd, Elissa Lumley Laura Rubin , Zev Eisenberg, James Lowther, David Foote among others the event was packed! After I had a quiet dinner with Lucio at Pastis then we went to Rose Bar and met up with Grace Gomez Brea, Arianna Ornelas, Sloan Angell, Elizabeth Bearre, Eric Richman,  and Yann Vasnier"

    Nigel Barker

    More photos below: