Now You Have No Excuse Not To Look Like Don Draper

by Chiara Atik · October 14, 2009

    [All photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc]. We here at GofG aim to please, so here's a little Mad Men for your Wednesday morning. The show's stars, Bryan Batt, Rich Sommer, Vincent Kartheiser, and Michael Gladis Brooks Brothers were in New York yesterday to celebrate ' limited edition "Mad Men Suits", designed by the show's (completely genius) designer, Janie Bryant. The dapper actors modeled the suits and mingled with guests, while enjoying cocktails (Old Fashioneds?) and listening to (ratpack?) music spun by DJ Paul Sevigny. The one problem? They're only making 250 of these suits. That doesn't make enough Don Drapers for our taste.... In our humble opinion, all the men of New York should be clothed in these gray sharkskin suits (complete with commemorative "Mad Men" label!). They look soooo much nicer than the skinny-jean and ironic tshirt uniform that has become de rigeur here. 250 doesn't even begin to cover our block.

    Bryan Batt, Rich Sommer, Vincent Kartheiser, Michael Gladis

    Janie Bryant                                Claudio De Vecchio, Leyla Marchetto

    Cary Fuller, Max Wastler                    DJ Paul Sevigny

    Margaret Livits, Douglas Marshall, Leah Bourne

    Lisa Anastos, Bryan Batt                 Rich Sommer, Lisa Alpert

    Euan Rellie, Madeline Weeks           David Foote, Lupe Ramos

    Larisa Brekonja, David Miller       Wallis Wagenseil, Jack Spencer