A Night Out With Scott At Operation Smile

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · May 16, 2008

    Naeem Eldbridge Scott Bucheit [Scott and Naeem getting love from the Mortimers]

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    Note from GofG: Want pictures from last nights red carpet? Check out PMC for that...stick around to be a true guest of a guest at last night"s Operation Smile event and take a look at the happenings going on from the INSIDE from Scott and Naeem:

    Gotta love it. Am laying in bed relishing the fact that I am not going to the OP dinner but just going to the cocktail beginning at 9:30. So I have three hours to rest. Just as I am getting comfortable, my favorite couple in the whole world, Gillian Hearst-Simonds and Christian Simonds, invite us to their table for the dinner. Who would say no? So I get back up, throw my tux on, get Naeem in his and we head to Skylight Studios.

    There must have been a lot going on because getting there was insanely difficult and everybody was late. The first person we see is the woman of the evening Deedee Sides, looking fab in a beige dress. We head inside and before you can say champagne we run into the dynamic duo of Tinsley Mortimer and her lovely sis Dabney Mercer. The crowd had a bit of an old vibe at first (Donald Trump) but no sooner was I thinking that then in walks our peeps. Tara Church, Shawn McDonald, Olivia Palermo, Justin Shaffer, Sarah Basille, Jamie Korey, Sparrow, Annabell Vartanian, Alexandra Ebeling, Kipton Cronkite, Erma Eliazov, Paul Johnson Calderone, Timo Weiland, the list goes on....

    Just as we were being seated in walks our hosts. Gillian looked smashing in a beautiful Dolce & Gabanna gown. My favorite part was the pockets. I had to get a pic with my hands in her pockets! Christian was handsome as always. We were joined at the table by Pat Stanwood and Laura Kornhauser (haven"t seen them since the Spice Girls concert)

    Catering was provided by Philippe, delicious if a bit skimpy. The program host was Jamie Lynn Sigler. During the program Maggie Rizer was introduced as the new Operation Smile Ambassador-also looking amazing in Dolce. It was also announced that Mariah Carey would be performing-sadly that did not come to pass, although we did see her for a second at the cocktail.

    After the program more friends arrived. Was especially happy to see one of our BFFs ever, Us Fashion Editor Suzanne Marchese, along with the voluptuous Christi Friedman, and our guests the stunning couple Ignacio Cipriani and Kashmir Snowdon-Jones. Finally making her entrance in a stunning Keith Lissner gown, Rachelle Hruska on the arm of the designer himself.

    We had a few more cocktails, danced to the music of Mr. Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon and stayed until the music stopped. We said our sad goodbyes and headed to Cipriani for our friend Angele"s Birthday party-but that"s a whole nother column!