Operation Smile Holds Invitation Signing Party At Above Allen

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · April 9, 2009

    [Lydia Hearst, Dee Dee Sides organize their invitations]

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    Last night at Above Allen @ LES Thompson Hotel, Operation Smile and the "Smile Committee" got their guests out for cocktails and a very worthwhile cause. The smiling attendees were put to "work" signing invites in support of the charity's upcoming annual dinner.  Hosts of the evening included Hayley Bloomingdale, Georgina Chapman, Martin Dawson, Lydia Hearst, Dee Dee Sides, Jamie Korey, Minnie Mortimer, Olivia Palermo, and Maggie Rizer. It was a fun and relaxed pre-party to the Operation Smile bash, which is always a great night celebrating this amazing charity.  More photos after the jump... 

    Lydia Hearst, Dee Dee Sides

    Naeem Delbridge, Dee Dee Sides, Scott Buccheit

    Emma Snowdon-Jones, David Chines

    Rachelle Hruska, Shawn Mcdonald

    David Chines, Douglas Marshall, Kira Bates

    Martin Dawson

    Kashmir Snowdon Jones