"Paper Heart" Promoters Sponsor A Bus-Party Bash

by ANTHONY NATOLI · August 11, 2009

    [Photos by NickyDigital]. The producers of Michael Cera's new film "Paper Heart" and La Rumba Express Bus Company teamed up on Thursday to give several lucky New Yorkers the "bus adventure" of their lifetimes.  The debauchery began as the bus picked up Charlyne Yi, Cera's co-star, at Rockefellar Center and made its way toward Johnny Utahs in Midtown, where the actress participated in the obligatory wing-eating contest and bull-riding competition. More story, photos, and video (!) below...The next stop on the adventure was Union Square, where the occupants of the bus filed onto the street for an invisible limbo party before catching a live show by the Semi Precious Weapons at John Varvatos' store on Bowery.  After a quick stop at Santo's Party House, the bus crossed the Williamsburg Bridge for some much needed cool down beers at Union Pool. The bus-capade was definitely a wild time but it left me wondering; what is it about sombreros and giant animal masks that make party people lose their minds?  Perhaps it's the anonymity?...

    Charlyne Yi at Johnny Utah's in Midtown