Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation Hosts A Masquerade Casino Benefit

by ARIEL MOSES · October 31, 2008

    Paul Chester Children [Oksana Pidhoreckyj, Karen Albanese, Alexandra Pearce, Bill Chester, Olena Pidhoreckyj, Victor Furmanec, Barbara Wichowska. Photos by MICHAEL PLUNKETT for PMc]

    Yesterday evening I joined some fabulous people for the Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation’s Masquerade Casino Benefit at 13 Crosby Street. Surrounded by equestrian portraits galore (very Steven Klein-esque), I mingled with some great philanthropists in some inventive costumes (the vampire in particular actually scared me). Host Jennifer Bell and supporters donned wigs and masks while playing poker. Among the guests were David Chines, Nathalie deBerry, People Magazine’s Peter Castro, and designer Alvin Valley, who all surrounded the roulette tables and played poker in support of the organization.

    More story and photos below:

    Joe Tucci, Oksana PidhoreckyjThe Foundation’s founder Dr. Bill Chester discussed how the fund was set up three years ago in an apartment among friends, they are currently growing medical programs in Quito, Ecuador and Laikipia, Kenya, reaching out to their local partners in that are. The PCCHF is a foundation that medical support and vital assistance to improve the lives of families in third world countries by administering outreach programs and providing critical health resources for these areas. He reiterated his sheer appreciation for the generous support, as they are only able to fund their valiant efforts through these special events that bring charitable people to the forefront of medical outreach.

    The foundation is currently reaching out to Tomaco, Colombia as well as Honduras. The money raised yesterday evening will go straight to funding the delivery of anesthesia machines to these countries, a vital necessity for these impoverished areas. The fund was named after Paul Chester, 1987-2003, and has been running strong for three years.

    Ariel Moses, David Chines

    Brad Ross, Tony Pintauro, Gisela Aydin, Sharon Pak, Justin Monnig