Penn Badgley, GQ, And Company Celebrate Historic Moon Landing With Awesome Watches

by EVAN MULVIHILL · June 4, 2009

    [A scruffy Penn Badgley brandishes his bad-ass new Omega watch. Pictures by WILL RAGOZZINO for PMc] "Where's the moon? Where's the moon?" According to the adorably "eccentric" old guy I met on the subway yesterday -- who kept repeating the previous phrase every time someone new got on the train -- the moon is located on the lower end of the Upper West Side at W. 63rd Street and the Park. Because the Earth is encapsulated in that globe structure at Columbus Circle, and then when you calculate out a circular path based on the globe's proportions, you get an orbit of around four blocks... Obviously. If the crazy old guy had headed over to the other side of the Park to the Omega Boutique last night and somehow secured entrance into GQ and Omega's Fortieth Anniversary of the Moon Landing, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin might have respectfully disagreed, seeing as he actually walked on the faraway orb. The same can be said for Penn Badgley, whose role in Gossip Girl has taught him that the world revolves around the Upper East Side, not the Upper West. Can we all agree that he looks like he's in training to play Wolverine from the X-Men?

    Comedienne Aubrey Plaza, Media Planner Alyce Panico, Tony Award-Nominated Actor Daniel Sunjata

    Two Sides of Buzz: At right, with OMEGA Marketing Director Theresa Kuiken; at left, with his wife Lois

    OMEGA Marketing Director Theresa Kuiken, GQ Publisher Pete Hunsinger, Heroes Actor Milo Ventimigli

    GQ Editor Jim Nelson, Gossip Girl Star Penn Badgley, GQ Creative Director Jim Moore