Photographers Get Comfortable At Clint Spaulding's "WONDERLUST"

by SARAH CROW · April 23, 2009

    [Johanna Stieg, Tracy Jenne, Erin Hinkle, Alexander Esguerra. All photos by NICHOLAS RICHER for PMc]

    Art enthusiasts were out in full force on Wednesday night for Clint Spaulding's Wonderlust show at BoConcept Chelsea. Spaulding, a well-known PMc photographer displayed his work amidst BoConcept's stylish (and evidently comfortable) furniture. In attendance were fellow photographers and New York social fixtures including Zach Hyman, Amber De Vos, Dave Raphael, Carmen D'Alessio, Liam McMullan, and Carrie Kleinman.

    Clint Spaulding

    Laura Meyers, Dave Raphael Carrie Kleinman, Zach Hyman

    Joe Schildhorn, Elodie Tornare

    Jessica Kingman, Eric Spear, Michelle Okeon

    Neil Rasmus, Alivia George              Jennifer Brougham, Ms. Nicole Herman

    Eric Alger, Amber De Vos, Zach Hyman

    Michael Haddad, Yvette Granata

    Jessica Glavin, Stephanie Cain Liam McMullan, Carmen D'Alessio

    Eddie Cruz, Jackie Snow, Zach Hyman, Eric Alger, Alivia Geroge