Piecing It All Together At Lulu Frost and Karolina Zmarlak

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · February 11, 2009

    [Lisa Salzer, Karolina Zmarlak, Amanda Hearst. All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc]

    On Tuesday night some usual suspects traveled to west Chelsea above the High Line to attend the Lulu Frost & Karolina Zmarlak – High Line High Design Event. The super cool loft space played host to Lisa Salzer’s Lulu Frost jewelry collection – which was cleverly hanging in the windows, catching the light while on the other side of the space hung vibrant pieces from Karolina Zmarlak’s The Collective; amazing made to measure gowns for the oh so bold women now in its second season.

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    I was reunited with my September Fashion Week partner in crime, Chau Ngo – who has since become the future Mrs. Prutting, as in our favorite photographer David X Prutting. I got to see fashion reporter and gossip girl Faran Krentcil, the fashionable Carter Cramer with sidekick Adrien Field, Dennis Wong, Melissa Berkelhammer and of course Lisa Salzer! The news that kind of made my night was learning that the talented Billy Farrell, who was snapping pics for PMc is dating the Lulu Frost entrepreneur Ms. Salzer! Love that couple!


    I became acquainted with Lulu Frost by Lisa Salzer back in the summer and became an instant fan. Lisa has penchant for picking parts from vintage jewelry or random charms and “recasts” their old lives into one of her new designs. One aspect that is truly Lulu is the different weights and lengths of chains that she brings together and utilizes on her necklaces to make them unique. It’s very antique motif meets futuristic blend. In a way, Lisa Salzer does for Jewelry what Sam Ronson does for music. She mixes it up, breathes new life into a piece and creates an effect that delights.

    I collect vintage jewelry and the Lulu Frost inspiration is not lost on me. I have a large jewelry box which is open at all times with necklaces of all kinds draped over the open cover on display. There are smaller boxes inside, open, filled with rings, watches, charms, pins and an old gold encrusted scrunchie (that I stole from my mom in the 90’s). It’s an eclectic mix and the randomness and charm of the pieces would be overlooked by most, but I’m fairly confident that LuLu Frost would get it. For Lulu Frost jewelry is modern, vintage and eclectic all rolled into one. One day I hope to have a Lulu Frost piece hanging in my magic box!

    Kate Etter, Serena Nikkhah, Lisa Salzer, Jessica Sailer, Sophie Pera

    Jules Kirby, Lisa Salzer, Susan Woo

    Unisex Salon: Stephen Phillips, Kenyon Phillips, Jonny Cragg