Pink Agenda Celebrates The Season And Success

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · December 15, 2008

    Mickey Gooch, Alexa Lynch, Marisa Renee Lee, Collin Heffron [Mickey Gooch, Alexa Lynch, Marisa Renee Lee, and Collin Heffron]

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    Last Thursday, The Pink Agenda celebrated the season with some of its most ardent supporters at an intimate cocktail party in SoHo.  Marisa Renee Lee and the rest of the non-profit's Board; Liana Guzman, Jaquelyn M. Scharnick, Alexa Lynch, Jessica April, Jessica Flint, Jennifer Hadiaris, Katie McDonough, Meredith Stebbins, Matt Van Arkel, Kimberly Scotti; welcomed guests to the Martin Lawrence Gallery to celebrate another year of raising money for breast cancer care and research and awareness of the disease among young professionals.

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    Attendees included Big Think’s Brett Dobbs, Nylon magazine’s Shruti Ganguly, designer Abigail Lorick, and photographer David Needleman.

    It seems as though spreading awareness and holiday cheer is all in a days work for these philanthropists, who have brought us some fantastic parties—and lots of opportunities to make a difference— this year.  Visit for more information.