Putting The Grit(s) Back In The City

by MADDY MADISON · March 6, 2008

    grits [Photo via MySpace]

    True, Sylvia and Amy Ruth corner the market on collard greens, but Brooklyn’s got all the fixins. If Grits ‘N’ Nugettz sounds like your typical Thursday night eat and beat (music + grub) then you’ve already experienced the culinary-sonic orgy that is The Dante Fried Chicken Show. During the warmer months, Dante unleashes his deep-fried battered goodness on Morgan stop L train visitors, making it the only rooftop party that celebrates grease and Dixie cups more than guidos and Dom. Tonight’s party is bringing Southern style into Manhattan at the Ann Street Lofts, which are also being torn down to make way for what we’re sure is another desperately needed hotel in the Southern tip. Until then, chow down and live it up before the construction circus moves in.