Rave At Webster Hall

by SARAH JAFFE · June 25, 2008

    Webster HallOn Saturday night at Webster Hall Cut NYC, Famous Friends, Six Six Sick, Mishka and BPM Magazine hosted one all out CRAZY night with CRAZY mixes to infuse a "rave" crave in all who attended . The Italian electro duo Crookers, the master of Ghettotech, DJ Funk, Danger and Dave 1 spun as the crowd went wild. It was so packed one could barely see the DJ engulfed by the masses.

    There were two different dance floors, both with separate DJ sets, along with a balcony. Local DJs The Captain and Alex English proved they are worthy to spin among these legendary masters as well. In the balcony lounge, the Six SIx Sick girls were hosting, as the Midnight Juggernauts, Micprobes and Spitzer threw their tracks.

    This intense event definitely made everyone feel a little better about the cancelled French loft party. The French all ended up coming out to join anyway and dance dance dance the night away.

    Webster HallWebster Hall