Replay Jeans: Time To Rewind

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 3, 2008

    Replay jeansOn a recent walk down Broadway, I couldn't help but notice that the guy walking in front of me was wearing a Replay t-shirt. It was a graphic tee, olive green with "New York State 1972" printed across the back in mustard yellow. Can we please flash back 10 years to the days where Replay was our "Diesel gone right," not to mention our go-to spot for Eurotrash gear? What happened to the good 'ol days?

    Save for one dress, Replay's Spring 2008 catalog contains pieces that look more Abercrombie than Italian jeans company. Without turning a blind eye to the European obsession with Abercrombie and the ostensible Americanization of mass market designs, not to mention the fact that Replay was played long before the "New York State 1972" tee came into my life, I'm still left asking, "WHHHYYYY?" Luckily, Diesel is still around to offer us some edgy Euro jeanswear, even if they have been completely -- COMPLETELY -- mainstreamed. So, Gas Jeans, anyone?