Richie Rich Hosts Chris Coffee's Birthday At Johnny's

by SARAH JAFFE · June 4, 2008

    Richie Rich Chris Coffee

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan

    GURU energy drinks, flavored rum shots, and a mechanical bull? This may sound a little nuts but when a party is hosted by Richie Rich of Heatherette its only to be expected. The birthday boy, 25 year old Chris Coffee, was the hit of the night and his party consisted of an extremely diverse crowd. The boys from Parker were there, along with Joshua Winkler media director of In The Mo, and DJ Spero worked the turn tables.

    Girls, guys and everyone in between tested their luck on the mechanical bull and probably have plenty bruises to show for it . Overall it was a great night of parting, friends, music, and celebs. Chris definitely had his cake and ate it too!

    Happy Birthday Chris Coffee!