Richie Rich In The Poorhouse?

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · February 8, 2008


    Have you HEARD? Our beloved Richie Rich, pro figure skater come club kid come fashion designer, may be out for the count. Heatherette, the brand co-designed by Rich and Traver Rains, will not present at the currently ongoing Fashion Week. Word on the street has it that Fashion Week sponsors would not allow Heatherette to put on its show and that the brand, if not Rich and Rains themselves, have entered into bankruptcy. What a shock! Just last season, fashion commentators praised Heatherette for its ongoing presence at Fashion Week and for the brand’s growing legitimacy in the fashion world. Que lastima!! Now we can only hope that Rich and Rains will restructure their debt — if that’s even feasible — so that they may once again grace our eyes and imaginations with their glittery fabulousness.

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