Roger Vivier Sponsors Twelfth Annual Women & Science Lecture And Luncheon

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · May 20, 2009

    [Gigi Mortimer, Kelly Bensimon. All photos by AMBER DE VOS for PMc] On Thursday, May 14th, women from New York's business and philanthropic communities attended the Twelfth Annual Women and Science Lecture and Luncheon at the Rockefeller University, sponsored by Roger Vivier, Paris.  The event, which featured a talk by renowned scientists Cori Bargmann and Leslie Vosshal about the future of neuroscience, was a great success and raised $1 million in support for Rockefeller University's women scientists.  Guests in attendances included Amanda Brooks, Christy Powell, Anh Duong, Alexandra Lebenthal, Celerie Kemble, Duane Hampton, Gillian Miniter, Gigi Mortimer, Kelly Bensimon, Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, Vicky Ward, Fernanda Niven and many more.

    Amanda Brooks, Christy Powell, Alexandra Lebenthal

    Celerie Kemble, Christy Powell, Amanda Brooks

    Charlotte Sarkozy, Shoshana Gruss, Jenny Galluzzo

    Samantha Boardman, Shala Monroque

    Vicky Ward, Fernanda Niven