Saenai Fashion Hosts Perfect House Party

by guestofaguest · June 3, 2008

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan.

    Its not like the French don't already posess enough qualities to envy, what with their beautiful people, great food, lovely mucic, hot accents, etc., but now we can add best HOUSE PARTIES to that list. On Saturday night, the last of the amazing rave parties was thrown by two French guys living in an awesome pad in Midtown.

    For the party, the loft was used as a DJ booth, the living room as the dance floor, there were flashing strobes, a projection on the 30 foot wall and enough free alcohol to last a lifetime. The Party was held for the brooklyn-based fashion collective Saenai, and was the fifth and last of their legendary loft parties. Who knew the french had such a wild side to them.

    By Sarah Jaffe