Out To Prove That Children Have Rights, So Do Shoes, Ashanti, Angels and "Queens", And 1Oak...All In One Night Out...

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 5, 2008

    Scott Bucheit Naeem Elbridge [Patrick McMullan and Ashanti...does a night get much better than that?!]

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    "Life is a banquet and most poor son of a bitches are starving to death." - Auntie Mame

    Last night we sampled the banquet that is New York nightlife, and we ate so much we nearly puked. We started the night at the Children's Rights Foundation's Annual Event. Our good friend Greg Link was one of the nights' hosts and the event was sponsored by Lucky Magazine at the Blue & Cream store on Bowery. We were thrilled to see (tiny) Tim Garcia and meet the current Miss USA, Colorado native, Hilary Carol Cruz. After checking out the store and the cute crowd, we grabbed a gift bag and were out the door.

    Our next stop was a few blocks away so we strolled on over to Club 205 for Richie Rich's "Rox and Riley" Footwear Launch Party hosted by Andy Hilfiger and Lydia Hearst... Lydia got a last minute booking in London so obviously could not attend but we represented! We found party planner extraordinaire Taylor Choi at the bar and she pointed us in the direction of the man of the hour, our good friend, Richie Rich.

    Richie took us by the hand and led us to the new shoe line. What can we say? Gorgeous and sure to be a big hit. He modeled some of the line for us as only Richie can. Were thrilled when we ran into the always smiling Amanda Novak (Wall Street Journal) and were transfixed by the twin sightings of Jenna Jamison and Tila Tequila. After some Purell we headed to our next stop, the Bombay Sapphire and Vibe Magazine Present Ashanti's "The Declaration."

    The event was held at the new W Hotel and Residences on West Street. We were greeted at the door and escorted straight to the VIP side of the party by the lovely Krista Freibaum of Noise Marketing. Once inside we strolled through the space that was decked out as if it was Ashanti's personal apartment. We ran into the always chic BJ Coleman, the gorgeous (and very tall) Noelle Carter and the stunning duo of Matthew Moinian and Valerie.

    As we waited for Ashanti I sipped a W Hotel water. As I was reading the back label, I learned that the new W is actually a Moinian development-Congratulations to Matthew and Co.! Ashanti arrived, looking stunning in an orange Versace gown and although we were promised a meet and greet the best we could do was Naeem posing with a framed picture of her! Her family, friends and fans were showing her a lot of love and she seemed genuinely touched. I look forward to listening to her new CD, The Declaration.

    We hopped a cab and headed to pick up our dates for our party the luminous Kashmir Snowdon Jones and the ever adorable Alexandra Lenas of Roc-A-Wear.

    The main event last night was the party Naeem and I co-hosted at Angels and Kings, nicknamed for the evening, Angels and Queens! We along with our co-hosts, the dashing Dr. Mark Warfel, the histerical Sparrow, the charming Alan Rish, the gracious Patrick McMullan and the dapper Derek Lloyd Saathoff (Etc no more) braved the drizzle to welcome our old friends and meet some new ones.

    We laughed the night away with Reynaldo Carter Davis, Scott Jones, Carrie Baker, Jessica Bamberger and her gentleman companion Mike Shimbo (co-founder of concert tv), Jessica Granata (Happy Birthday Jessie), Eli Mizrahi, Eric Spear, Kerry Cassidy, Chance Yeh, Justin Shaffer, Tara Church, Jaclyn Smith, Knyko Noris, Juliano de Rossi and one of our oldest friends (length not age) Armani's Eric Baez.

    We said our goodbyes and along with Tara and Justin decided to make a quick stop at 1OAK, our home away from home. There we ran into Greg Link and Tim Garcia, and ran into the adorable Eric Marx of Tenjune. As you would expect another great night!