Scott Does OUT 100 With More VIPs Than Ps

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · November 17, 2008

    [Photos by Scott Bucceit and Naeem Delbridge]

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    Friday night was the annual Out 100 party held at Gotham Hall. Its always one of the best parties of the season and this year's was no exception. We headed to the party with Leven Rambin and met up with Timo Weiland. The funny thing about gay guys is that they all think they're VIP so when we got to the party, the main floor was almost empty but the VIP was overflowing to capacity! As DJ Mike Nuveau said, "There are more VIPs then Ps here!" We decided to hobnob it with the regular folk and were joined by Richie Rich, Joe Green, Jasen Kaplan and Aloisio Villa Boas.

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    After a while we decided to wander around. We heard someone yell our names and turned to see Matthew Allan Goldman manning the door of the HSBC room. He invited us in and we quickly realized this was the place to be. There was only about 20 people or so in there, there was a private bar, a large couch and a tv screen projecting the goings on outside. We gathered our group and hung there for the rest of the night. We were joined by our old friend Will Wikle as well as Matt Tratner and Brent Corrigan. We felt peckish and decided to head out. On the way out we ran into our date from last year's party, Michael Lucas. We gave a big kiss and headed out the door.

    Our next stop was Megu in Tribeca. Or friend Sean Scottini is the general manager and he graciously hosted us for the evening.  We ate some amazing food and finally were able to catch up with Leven. At Megu we met up with our friends Melanie Weitzner and David Lipke and then all of us headed to the Eldridge of course. At Eldridge we were thrilled when our old friend Eve Salvail showed up. After Eldridge we did something we haven't done in a while and we hit an after hours at David Lipke's place and were joined by Dabney Mercer and Kristian Laliberte, another great, long night.....