Scott Does Waverly Inn And The "Ridge"

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · December 5, 2008

    [Scott, Michael Lucas, Naeem]

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    We began our evening at The Waverly Inn. Great table, great food, great company - what else need be said?  others at Waverly included Robert Deniro, Kevin Costner and Natasha Richardson.

    We then headed to the wedding reception of Michael Lucas and Richard Winger. Some of you may know Michael (probably more than care to admit) as one of the most popular gay porn stars. He is always a gentleman and the consummate host. He and Richard met 8 years ago at a Holiday party and have been together ever since.

    More story and photos below They recently had a quiet ceremony and last night was a celebration of their relationship with their closest friends.  Others toasting the new couple included Patrick Hugenin, Benjamin Dixon, Ari Gold and Michael Pennock.

    We then headed to our home away from home the Eldridge.  We were joined by our girls Grace Gomez Brea and Allie Rizzo.  Before long the place got packed with revelers including:  Neda Verbanova, Matt Levine, Cole Bernard, Briana Swanson, Adam Schmidt and Tim Morehouse.

    Tonight we will be at the Botanical Gardens Christmas Gala.  Look for us, we'll be the ones in tuxedos!