I May Not Be Interesting Or Smart, But I Am Popular...

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 6, 2008

    Scott Bucheit Naeem Delbridge [Naeem and Scott with Patricia Velasquez]

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Scott and Naeem

    "You don't have to be smart or interesting to be popular" -anonymous commenter on our last post

    So last night found us a little bit worn out, but still game for the evening. We started our evening at the Wayuu Taya benefit. We were a bit overdressed because one of us thought the event was black tie. LOL not.

    The event was founded by one of our first New York friends, Patricia Velasquez. In all of our years, the only time she grows impatient with us is the fact that we constantly tell her, "God you are so beautiful!." To be clear, that means inside and out!

    The intimate event honored a group of humanitarians who have contributed to the welfare of the global community. This year's honoress included Donna Karan, supermodel and CEO of Iman Cosmetics, Iman, philanthropist Dany Garcia, Creative Vision’s Founder Kathy Eldon, and world renowned singer Bebel Gilberto.

    Presenters included the dashing CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (We almost fainted when we were introduced to him) , Rosie O’Donnell, Andre Balazs, designers Isaac Mizrahi and Narciso Rodriguez,and actor Dwayne Johnson. The emcee was former Fox News and MSNBC host and NY Times bestselling author Rita Cosby. Special remarks were delivered by Russell Simmons.

    As you know, when you go to these things, you almost never eat. So we headed over to Gemma with the always lovely Carrie Baker and her co-hort Ange Kim. After a quick stop at Carrie's Soho loft and a brief wait for Grace Gomez Brea (sidekick no more ), we were off to 1OAK (yes, really) for our baby girl Diana Papanova's Brithday Party.

    We met Sherry at the door and can't help but notice that she looks younger every day. Inside we were greeted by Tyler Burrow and New York turned Los Angeleno Joyce Sevilla. We were shot to our table and spent the night drinking, dancing, laughing and having a great time. as always, another great night.