Sienna Miller Takes A Bow, But Will It Be Her Last?

by Chiara Atik · October 23, 2009

    [All photos by JIMI CELESTE for PMc]. The stars really came out for Sienna Miller's Broadway debut last night in Patrick Marber's play, "After Miss Julie". Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, Anna Wintour, and Rachel McAdams (dressed like a private detective in sunglasses and a trench coat) all attended the after-party at the Paris Theater. So were the notorious New York theater critics kind to Miss Miller, and co-star Jonny Lee Miller? More importantly, did her reviews beat Ex-Jude Law's, who is also on Broadway right now in Hamlet? Click below to see...

    Ben Brantley, of the New York Times, says...

    "If Julie is written as clashing chords of conflicted impulses, Ms. Miller plays them like a novice at a piano, plunking down each note loudly and individually. She conveys Anger, Self-Abasement, Sorrow and Fear very clearly and, on occasion, convincingly. But the segues among these feelings are never natural, let alone inevitable, so that when events take a turn for the lurid, the audience is laughing when it should be recoiling."

    Ouch. Well...hope the party was good?

    Anna Wintour                            Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy

    Sienna Miller                              Jonny Lee Miller

    Rachel McAdams                            Bee Shaffer

    Jonny Lee Miller, Sienna MIller, Marin Ireland

    Jill Clayburgh                           Heather Randall

    Polly Draper, Michael Wolff  Mark Brokaw, Patrick Marber