Single? Tall? Shy? Love Accents? Have We Got A Guy For You...

by guestofaguest · June 8, 2010

    Don't listen to what people say...size definitely matters. It can be really hard for a girl to find someone big enough. And by big enough, we mean tall enough. Obviously!--

    We've been cracking up over this dating site, "On Speed Dating", which arranges niche singles events for women all over Manhattan. We have no idea how they are able to supply a pool of eligible Firemen/lipstick lesbians/bald men at their events, but their descriptions and event types definitely perked up our Tuesday afternoon.

    Our favorites....


    Fact: Only 14.5% of all men are over 6 feet tall.

    Fact: Dating is hard in New York.

    Logical conclusion: dating in NYC is REALLY hard for tall girls who can't possibly stoop to dating someone shorter than them. (Pun intended.)

    What's a girl looking for her special tall glass of water to do?  Head over to the Size Matters dating event tonight at Murphy and Gonzales.

    Sure, the NYU-haunt possibly isn't the venue you had in mind for meeting the love of your life, but the guys are sure to be tall--they'll literally be measuring them at the door, so gentlemen with Napoleon complexes (and statures) are advised to stay home.

    Fact: Accents Are Hot

    Solution: Next Tuesday, head to The Watering Hole, where $30 will get you into a Speed Dating Event where all the men will have accents! Sure, some of them might be fake accents...but you're not THAT picky, are you?

    Fact: Some people really love cats

    Fact: It's probably hard for these people to meet eligible partners. Who aren't feline.

    But guess what! There's a singles event for this! If you're one of the 89 million cat owners in the US, you can meet about 10-25 of them in the East Village. According to the website, "it can sometimes be really challenging finding a good single guy that isn't allergic to cats." Yes, allergies are why cat ladies are single.

    Fact: Most Men Like Flight Attendants

    Fact: Flight Attendants can lose their job for hooking up in an airplane bathroom

    Solution: The "Flying Solo" singles event! Again, from the event description on the site: "What is it about flight attendants that drives men crazy? The getting laid...over in some of the most scenic countries known to man?" Ha! Well played, dating site. Well played.

    Fact: "Blue Collard Men" for "White Collard Women" seems like something out of a porn movie.

    Fact: I guess some people like that.

    On Speed Dating tells us, " Blue collar men tend to be rugged, masculine, low-key, confident and down-to-earth while their white collar women counter-parts are just looking for a man that is not intimidated by their career, makes them feel safe, secure and doted on away from the stress, long hours, politics and hustle and bustle of “Corporate America”.


    Fact: Bruce Willis is hot

    Fact: Most of the people attending the "Bald & Beautiful" dating event probably aren't.

    But does that make them any less worthy of our love? Meet your very own George Costanza at this dating event, because "there's something about running your hands all over a clean-shaven, smooth head". Uhm, thanks On Speed Dating. Thanks.