So Many Parties, So Little Time...With Scott Buccheit

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 12, 2009

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    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of events held in New York City on a nightly basis. I usually try to limit myself to one or two things a night but lately even that is getting difficult. Someone is always having an opening, a magazine launch a benefit or what not. I know is nothing to really complain about so I soldier on. Tuesday night I began my evening by going to the opening of Clive Christian's showroom.

    Although his decadent interior design sense is a little off kilter with the current climate, the showroom is nonetheless a beautiful space. Guests were treated to copious amounts of champagne and live music on piano. Others in attendance included Robert Fowler, Fern Mallis, Carol Han and Kristian Laliberte. We were heading out the door when I met the vivacious daughter of Clive, Victoria. She was showing off her new handbag and inside she had the world's most expensive perfume, Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty Perfume. If I had realized that the stuff goes for over $200,000 I might have pulled a Calderon. But instead we shared a toast and then I was out the door headed to the next event.

    My next stop was the Hornito's Tequila launch at Hudson Terrace. What a difference a few blocks make. Instead of tasteful piano music we were greeted by thumping club music, an immense ice sculpture and half naked girls in what looked like snake outfits. They also were handing out leather paddles, which I made sure to get. I tried a Hornipolitan which, just like everything else that is mixed with tequila, tastes exactly like Tequila. We chatted with some friends including Robert Reus and Louis Sarmiento and I got in the picture booth with some of the Agave girls.

    Next on my itinerary was the birthday party for that loveable shutterbug, Wire Image's Dimitrio Kambouris. The party was held at the east side outlet of Brother Jimmy's. I kept my paddle from Hornito's so was able to give the birthday boy the spanking he deserves. We met up with our girl posse including Andrea Burman, Tara Fougner, Jasmin Rosemberg, Ali Puliti and Betsy Rudnick. Others at the party included: Michael Heller, Mickey Boardman, Chance Yeh, Just Jared, and Morgan and David Shara.

    My final stop for the night was of course for the main event, Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm's birthday at Tenjune. It seems everyone and their mother was at this event. We chatted with our favorite bartender in the world Cleone Perry and then made our way over to PR Diva Lisette Sand-Freedman's table and hung out their for most of the duration. That is until Lil Kim performed and then we moved to Stefan Rich's table so that we could enjoy her performance up close. Others at the party included Patrick Hazelwood, Bernie and Brady, Danny Volk and Eric Marx.

    Wednesday night began with the Interview Magazine dinner to launch their Art Issue. The dinner was held at the not yet opened Civetta. Guests were treated to champagne on entering and then were directed to their tables. My table mates included: Interview's Susan Kilkenny, Alex and Ani Jewelry designer Carolyn Rafaelian, Shoe designers Donald Pliner and his wife Lisa, brother sister PR duo Lou and Michele Iacovelli and Major Model's Travis Given. We then were giving nonstop courses of delicious Italian food and never ending refills on our alcohol.

    After dinner the party moved downstairs to what is sure to be a new hot spot. Others seen taking in the scenery, Interview's Renata Merriam and Marie La France, Grace Gomez Brea, Carrie Baker and Luca Ribezzo. I then hightailed it out of there to make it in time for Lydia Hearst's after party for her movie The Last International Playboy.

    Lydia played hostess to director's Steve Clark's host at the event held at the red-hot Hudson Terrace. I can't go a week without going to an event at the spot. The place was beyond packed with well wishers, fans and friends. I was delighted to catch up with old friends Lizzie O'Neill, Sarah Basile, Chris Brady, David Foote, Jamie Korey and new friends (met at the Vienna Lifeball) Emina Cunmulaj, Heather Marks and Victoria Bousis.

    As the party wound down Lydia and I decided that we hadn't had more than a minute to catch up so we headed to the hottest spot in the city right now, Avenue. Lydia and I, along with Steve Clark were met at the door by the always dapper Wass Stevens and headed inside. What a delight to be in a spot that doesn't mind using the air conditioning! I ran into the same group of people that I was with earlier at the Interview party as well as Chantal Adair, Eric Richman and Ana Carmo. An amazing two nights out in the city that never sleeps, unfortunately the same can't be said of me!