Sock 'Going Green' Tumi

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · April 21, 2008

    tumi bagsRemember when Earth Day was such a big deal? Initiatives were everywhere for anyone to join, like park clean ups or a recycling drive and people even wore pins that said “Earth Day”. That was sadly so ten years ago. What happened to Earth Day???

    This year Earth Day which, in case you did not mark your calendars, is this Tuesday April 22nd, will not go uncelebrated or unnoticed in Gotham thanks to Tumi and Matthew Modine.

    On Tuesday night, a select group of New York’s favorite notables will join David Chu (Tumi Executive Creative Director), Tinsley Mortimer and John McEnroe for the launch of Tumi’s Alpha Collection along with an exhibition of photographs by Matthew Modine – which he took on a visit to a reforestation project in California funded and administered by American Forests’ Global Releaf. (NO, that is not a misspelling of RELEAF). This is, after all, reforestation that we are discussing.

    In case you have not heard, Matthew Modine has started a new green initiative called BICYCLE FOR A DAY, in which he will get as many people as possible in large cities to bike to work for a day in lieu of mass transportation and passenger vehicles. Just ONE DAY on a bike could contribute to the health of our planet. Hell, I’ll walk to work for that. And maybe even more than just for a day!

    Tumi’s ALPHA line features a limited edition bike messenger bag created by David Chu for Tumi in support of BICYCLE FOR A DAY. Incidentally, I recently read that Gucci created a limited edition bike – that’s right, Gucci made a bike. So perhaps fashionistas everywhere can get into this BICYCLE FOR A DAY initiative while riding around on a designer bike.

    The event will be at the fashionable Glasshouse at the Chelsea Art Museum and the photographs will be sold through silent auction with proceeds benefiting American Forests. If you are not one of the lucky ones to be there in person, Guest of a Guest will be covering and Matthew’s photographs will be featured in select TUMI flagship stores across the world.