Sound Ctrl Manages To Get Music Some Attention During Internet Week

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · June 5, 2009

    [Music makes the world go 'round. Guests at the SoundCtrl launch] GO HERE for more photos by ROSEMARY ZUPPARDO and TAG YOURSELF and YOUR FRIENDS!

    Internet Week is all about the Internet (well, duh). But SoundCtrl is looking to make music a more integral part of the Internet as they decided to host their launch party at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, last night, in the middle of this frantic Internet-centric week. SoundCtrl is a new community that wants to build an online community as well as host events that have to do with music and technology.

    While DJ GetLive spun the tunes, the event had guest speakers (Larissa Fontaine, Albert Wenger, Chuck D and Brett O'Brien) on the technology and music front . Pespi Music and Pepsico were among the proud sponsors. Best of luck to SoundCtrl!!