Stylish New York Women SCOOP Up Goods At The TRE Launch Party

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 15, 2009

    [Kalliope Karella, Lillian H Stern, Ana Maria Perez, and Ulla Parker try out some TRE rings. All pictures by JONATHAN ZIEGLER for PMc]

    A plethora of fashionable New York ladies (and a few men thrown in) came out last night for the TRE Launch Party at Scoop Uptown (versus Scoop in the Meatpacking, for those of you not in the know). They got the opportunity to try out the the new TRE line, gab with old friends, and preen for photo-ops among the store's latest stock. And while not everyone was there to purchase from the new TRE goods (afterall, it is a recession), no one's going to turn down a party- or a free cocktail. Ayla Farnos, Marta Ibarrondo, Valesca Hermes, Jennifer Creel

    Ulrica Lanaro, Frederick Anderson, Lillian H Stern, Dana Taylor

    Charlotte Assaf, Adelina Wong Ettelson, Charlotte Sarkozy, Lillian H Stern

    Douglas Hannant, Valesca Hermes, Dayssi Olarte De Kanavos, Ulrica Lanaro

    Graciela Dauhajri, Eliza Bolen, Begonia Elkoury

    LIllian H Stern, Dana Hammond, Suzannah Smith, Theresa Chisolm

    Lillian H Stern, Jennifer Creel, Christine Schwarzman, Kalliope Karella, Dayssi Olarte De Kanavos, Ayla Farnos, Charlotte Assaf, Ulrica Lanaro