Subversive Jewlery and Form Host Trunk Show At Soho Grand

by THERESA WON · June 5, 2008

    Subversive Jewlery and Form Host Trunk Show At Soho GrandGO HERE for more photos from this event by Ben Kaufman

    Form and Subversive paired up for a trunk show yesterday evening in the Harbor Room at the Soho Grand 310. The two made the perfect pair with Form’s current ivory and black collections and Subversive’s always dynamic use of color. The two had paired up previously for Form’s Fall 2007 presentation.

    Subversive by artist Justin Guinta has become the popular jewelry brand featured by the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and W. The latest of his jewelry showed his wide range of style and aesthetic appeal—from the bright scarves with rope ends to his work with autumn colors and gold to his bright and colorful beadwork in “Toy Sunken Treasure ” Subversive can be found at the likes of Barney’s Coop as well as other fine retailers. The exclusive line for Target is still available as well for a limited time only.

    Form’s upcoming 2008 Fall/Winter line as well as their past spring line is not only their innovative take on the old (something you would hope for with any great designers) but the creative use of symmetry to make the clothes well defined and individualistic to their company. Upon further perusing the biography of the company, the designers under founder Jerry Tam come from diverse artistic backgrounds, including architectural—which plays a large role in this current collection. My favorite piece (which I later bought—sorry, Checkbook) was from their Platform line (Form’s line of t-shirt material tops at a slightly lower price point). The top is their unique interpretation of a hoodie. The same design is used in a cashmere version for their Fall/Winter collection.

    You can find Form clothing at different NYC boutiques, including Oak, whom they have designed special items in a “top secret” color that I could not coerce anyone to telling me what it was, even though, trust me, I tried.