Swanky Book Party for Laurie Sandell's "The Imposters Daughter"

by CHRISTINE COOLIDGE · July 29, 2009

    Ann Dexter Jones, Zoe, Carole Radziwill[Ann Dexter Jones, Zoe, Laurie Sandell at the author's book party. All photos by JIMI CELESTE for PMc].

    Last night at a private residence in Manhattan, author Laurie Sandell was surrounded by friends who came out for her book party.  The fabulous Miss Ann Dexter Jones, Zoe, Carole Radziwill, Karyn Geringer, Susan Orlean, Ariel Foxman, Nathan Englander, Colson Whitehead, Ariel Foxman, Albert McEvoy, Kristin Van Ogtrop and Sheila Weller were amongst the party guests. Publisher's Weekly called the book a "...delightfully composed graphic novel, (where) journalist Sandell (Glamour) illustrates a touchingly youthful story about a daughter's gushing love for her father.


    Using a winning mixture of straightforward comic-book illustrations with a first-person diarylike commentary, Sandell recounts the gradual realization from her young adulthood onward that her charming, larger-than-life Argentine father, bragging of war metals, degrees from prestigious universities and acquaintances with famous people, had lied egregiously to his family about his past and accomplishments.

    Susa Orlean, Ariel FoxmanNathan Englander, Colson Whitehead Susa Orlean, Ariel Foxman            Nathan Englander, Colson Whitehead

    Ann Dexter Jones, Laurie SandellKaryn Geringer, Laurie Sandell Ann Dexter Jones, Carole Radziwill , Karyn Geringer, Laurie Sandell


    Laurie Sandell, Kristin Van OgtropCarole Radziwill, Sheila Weller Laurie Sandell, Kristin Van Ogtrop   Carole Radziwill, Sheila Weller


    Genevieve Field, Laurie SandellKristin Van Ogtrop, Susan Orlean Laurie Sandell, Genevieve Field      Kristin Van Ogtrop, Susan Orlean

    Albert Mcevoy, Laurie Sandell Ariel Foxman, Laurie Sandell         Albert Mcevoy, Laurie Sandell


    Christa Parravani, Laurie SandellAnn Dexter Jones, Carole Radziwill Christa Parravani, Laurie Sandell  Ann Dexter Jones, Carole Radziwill