Tavi Gevinson, Teen-Fashion Blogger, Wants To Employ You

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 14, 2011

    Teen-blogger Tavi Gevinson, the teen who apparently holds sway with Karl Lagerfeld and the like through her Style Rookie site, is soliciting a job position for the site she's running with Jane Pratt. How can you convince the 14-year-old you're worthy?

    As the Observer reports, Media Bistro posted a job listing for JanePratt.com calling for a senior editor who is "a self-starter with a strong attention to detail who works well with a team."

    The site bills itself as a sort of Sassy for the digital age.

    Gevinson, the Chicago native who had her cosmic rise profiled in The New Yorker,  originally asked for applicants through a creative email address:

    "If you want to be a part, email us. MagazineSubmissionsAreFun@gmail.com, because we haven't decided on a title yet," she wrote.