Techies Rejoice In Gadgets And Robots At Morimoto

by Chiara Atik · October 29, 2009

    Motorola just launched a new CLIQ phone, so what better way to celebrate than to invite a bunch of tech geeks to Morimoto to drink, chat, and play with robots?

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    The music was provided by Chromeo and Holyghost!, Morimoto provided drinks and food (naturally), and Motorola provided the robots, and some sort of helmet/laser gun contraption that happily we're not dorky** enough to be able to identify. The best part? Every attendee left with a complimentary Motorola Droid, the newest smartphone threat to the iPhone.

    More photos below.

    **All vaguely derogatory terms used with the greatest of affection.

    Sittin' around, talking about robots...

    Judah Friedlander

    Oh, wow.

    [All photos by NICK McGLYNN].