The "1973 Rockstar" Spring Line

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 19, 2008


    Spring is only a matter of hours away, and of course like everyone else we've been thinking about our Spring Atheistic. This is a process we go through every so often just to give us some seasonal sartorial focus. This season, while Holly's going back to all things '90s, I've come up with the "1973 ROCKSTAR", a look characterized by flourishes of unnecessary accessories like scarves and jewelry...(that's the rockstar part) mixed with classic haberdashery, like sports coats and overcoats for the lingering chill, and button up oxfords to complete the entire Anglophile appeal, (that's also the 1973 part). Think of promo pictures of band from the 70s, when rockstar knew how to dress like rockstar.

    Kinda ridiculous, but in a cool way. Some Notable Rockstars carrying on the tradition today all happen to be British born, and able to scare up a lot of controversy. They also happen to be really super good at being ROCKSTARS as well. Check it:

    petePete Doherty – Ok sure he does a bunch of drugs, fair enough he broke into his best mate's and band member's house and went to jail for it (and stealing a car), yeah that's all true, but since when did ROCKSTARS have to be nursery school crossing guards. Its kinda one of the requirements of the job to stir up trouble right? Plus have you seen the way Pete is rocking the styles? Silk scarves, quality hats and a taste for Burberry, that about right.

    jarvis cockerJarvis Cocker- Former lead singer of Pulp now gone solo making a strong case for plaid shirts, which of course we dig, glasses that say I read, but I'm into louder diversions as well and sport coats fitted so well it make Tom Browne look twice.


    amyAmy Winehouse- Sure, we know, there are bigger issues with dear Amy besides her clothes, but for real she is doing some "Ronnetes meets hippy meets British B-girl" things that work out for her so well it makes us wish she wouldn't show up smoking crack so much. but alas.


    So, American rock bands take note. Image google these three and take a look at the subtle stylish concern that being a public spectacle gives you.

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