The 2007 Parties of the Year.

by guestofaguest · December 27, 2007


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    Anna Wintour, the Olsen's, Marc Jacobs, Cate Blanchett, Versace, Michael Kors, and Sienna Miller weren't the only ones out and about (shown above are the 4 peacocks that greeted the guests at the Costume Institute's annual gala).  2007 was a year of non stop partying and was there for the most celebrated affairs.  They recently just posted on which parties garnered the most page views off their site.  The Annual Costume Institute Gala at the MET once again was the winner drawing in 9,076,739 page views as of December 11th.  Here is the list in full:

    1. The Costume Institute's Party of the Year: Red Carpet. Page Views= 9,076,739

    2. The 2007 CFDA Awards. Page views= 5,924,023

    3. 79th Annual Oscars. Page views= 3,965,877

    4. 64th Anuual Golden Globe Awards. Page views= 2,915,770

    5. The CFDA and Vogue's 7th on Sale Gala. Page views=2,451,741

    6. Academy Awards After Parties. Page views=1,838,828

    7. 59th Annual Emmy Awards. Page views=1,747,861

    8. Valentino's 45th Anniversary in Rome. Page views= 1,554,747

    9. 2007 SAG Awards. Page views= 1,545,377

    10. The Whitney's Summer Party. Page views= 1,421,553

    We personally loved Arden Wohl's headbands, Wintour's tennis muse, and Marc's silliness during the year of his crisis...and we just can't wait to see what 2008 has in store.