The Accompanied Literary Society Hosts Andrew Cramer: Happiness/BrainWar At Milk Studios

by KENDRA SEAY · March 4, 2009

    [All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc]

    The Accompanied Literary Society hosted Andrew Cramer: Happiness/Brain War at Milk Studios Tuesday night in New York City. Award winning artist, Andrew Cramer unleashed his latest collection Art War, a series of "photo abstracts" and "new wave drawings" diving into the culture of violence by fusing oil painting techniques with modern technology as Cramer is known to do so brilliantly. Guests including Paul Sevigny, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Jenn Wirtz, Kristian Laliberte, Camilla Staerk, David Chines, browsed Kramer's explosive collection, sipped Moet and Belvedere, and even took part in Party Trivia hosted by Accompanied Literary Society founder Brooke Geahan.