The Best Dressed Guests: Week Of June 27th

by Chiara Atik · July 2, 2010

    Everyone knows that the best part about going out is getting dressed up, and the attendees at the parties Guest of a Guest covers usually do this with aplomb. Here are the people (and outfits) who made an impression on us this week…

    First Place: Laurel Pantin At The Ferragamo Party

    In a sea of cocktail dresses and Ferragamo's signature brown and gold, Teen Vogue's Laurel Pantin really stood out with her summery outfit. This isn't exactly the getup you'd expect to see at Le Bain (or anywhere above the third floor of The Standard), and that's why we like it so much: it's nice to see someone go casual without taking it to the opposite extreme. Pantin didn't wear a cocktail dress, but she also didn't wear a ripped tshirt, and it looks like she probably washed her hair. See? There IS a happy medium. This outfit looked really chic in person, and was reminiscent of Betty Draper's riding outfit (though we doubt that's what she was going for.)It's sexy minimal: a suit without being stiff, but most importantly, it (and she) is really pretty.

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    Second Place: Lady Alice St Clair Erskine At The Ferragamo Party

    Lady Alice St Clair Erskine (hopefully she won't mind if we call her Lady Alice for short) was dressed exactly how we'd imagine an aging aristocrat named Lady Alice would dress: a long skirt, a loose blouse, a scarf, a clutch. Except inside what would be a matronly outfit was a sprightly young girl who doesn't look a day over 18, which adds awesomeness to what would have already been an elegant outfit.

    The truth is, thanks to Massimiliano Giornetti, the label really isn't matronly anymore; it's classic Italian Sportswear rediscovered by a new generation, and Lady Alice is a perfect example of the new Ferragamo Woman.

    With her gamine haircut, strappy sandals, and breezy scarf, Lady Alice looks ready for her own Roman Holiday.

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    Third Place: Anti-Aging precautions done right At Veuve Cliquot

    This lovely woman

    A) Probably won't get wrinkles when she's older.

    B) Has enviable hair.

    C) Is wearing a pretty shade of lipstick.

    D) And also elegant earrings.

    Perfect summer polo match look!

    Go HERE for event write-up. Full Gallery HERE.

    Honorable Mentions:

    At The Polo Match

    Even in a crowd shot....

    We can spot a good hat.

    The Best Of The Concert Wear

    So many concerts this week! Samantha Swetra looked great at the Music Unites and Rolling Stone Fiery Furnaces concert, though mostly we're just obsessed with her hair. The girl at right looked comfortable but still fun in her shorts/printed shirt combo at the StyleCaster Beach Fossils concert.