The Charles Maddock Foundation Benefit At The Beatrice Inn

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · December 12, 2008

    Mike Gilbane, Jim Zimmerman, Caroline Cummings, Keu Zafar, Charles Maddock [Mike Gilbane, Jim Zimmerman, Caroline Cummings, Keu Zafar, Charles Maddock. Photos by Chance Yeh, PMc]

    The Charles Maddock Foundation For Traumatic Brain Injury held their Annual Holiday Benefit on Wednesday at The Beatrice Inn. The Board of Directors; Charles Maddock, Jonathan Meachin, Keu Zafar, Caroline Cummings, Michael Gilbane, Jim Zimmerman, Celerie Kemble, and Melissa Strogatz; along with the benefit committee, welcomed guests like Fiona Thomas, Maria Luisa Leviant, Nathalie Pierrepont, Charlotte Chapman, Lydia Gidwitz, Locke Maddock, Liz Walker, Caroline Rowley, Alexandra Vissicchio, and Alexandra Papanicolaou to support the mission of educating health professionals about critical care for TBI victims.

    Elizabeth Tuke, Tina PorterLysandra Ohrstrom, Nellie Abernathy,Nathalie Pierrepont, Lydia Gidwitz

    More pictures below:

    Lindsay Aquilina, Emily JanneyMaria Luisa Leviant, Alexandra Vissicchio Lindsay Aquilina, Emily Janney, Maria Luisa Leviant, Alexandra Vissicchio

    Lydia Gidwitz, Nathalie PierrepontMike Gilbane, Laura Ruof, Jackie Valls Lydia Gidwitz, Nathalie Pierrepont, Mike Gilbane, Laura Ruof, Jackie Valls

    Kelly Marshall, Tyler Gaffney Kelly Marshall, Tyler Gaffney, Liz Walker