The City's Top Fashion Insiders Make Tide And Downy Total Care Sexy

by Rachelle Hruska · August 27, 2008

    Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Vanessa Minnillo, Lindsay Price [Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Vanessa Minnillo, Lindsay Price. Photos by JIMI CELESTE at Patrick]

    The Empire Hotel at 44 west 63rd street is becoming quite the popular venue (apparently it has some kind of amazing pool deck).  First there was the US Open Launch party....then, last night, Top "Fashion Insiders" (Read: NOT ME) were invited to celebrate the launch of Tide and Downy Total Care with a Fashion Reveal of the Hottest Trends for Fall 2008.  Who knew that Tide and Downy could be so sexy?  Seriously what's next, Clorox parties?  Anyhow, notable attendees included our favorite, Richie Rich, along with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Alex Tosolini, Vanessa Minnillo, Lindsay Price, Kash Shaikh, Jorge Ramon, and Laura Bennett.

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    Richie Rich, Jamie-Lynn SiglerLaura BennettJorge RamonJamie-Lynn Sigler, Vanessa Minnillo