The Crowd Sparkles As Much As The Jewelry At Tana Debut

by SARAH MANDATO · April 9, 2009

    [Annie Churchill, Tana Chung, Erin Fetherston. Photo by ZACH HYMAN for PMc].

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    Last night, the King of Greene Street hosted the debut of the Tana Jewelry Collection. Creator Tana Chung displayed her distinctive design work to buyers and browsers including Erin Fetherston, Maggie Rizer, Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, Kristian Laliberte, Miguelina Gambaccini, Annie Churchill, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Melissa Foss, Susan ShinCarter Cramer, Robert Fowler, Alexis Bryan, Jared Clark, Cena Jackson, Anisha Lakhani, Tamsin Lonsdale, Lara Meiland Shaw, Nick Raynes and Tia Walker; the crowd clearly a worthy rival to the beauty of the jewelry pieces showing.

    More photos below...

    Eiseley Tauginas, Kristian Laliberte

    Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord, David Chines, Emma Snowdon-Jones

    Hunter Fleetwood, Sean Stevens, Carter Cramer

    Robert Fowler, Kim Bates, Jared Clark, Bobby Bowden

    Alex Tahsili, Desiree Diamond