From A Bari Workout...

If you follow Dria Murphy on Instagram (which you obviously totally should!), you know full well that not a day goes by she's not kickstarting her morning with an impressively healthy (in-your-non-lazy-dreams) regimen. 

"I always begin my day by taking some organic supplements from Well Told Health and getting in a good workout. The Bari Studio in Tribeca has sculpt and bounce classes that are my favorites - the perfect combination of cardio and toning."

Rolling out of bed and into the nearest cafe for a matcha latte before working up a sweat need not be a style-less endeavor. Throwing on an easy, wardrobe essential such as an open v-neck sweater over your sporty spice attire will make you feel worlds better about yourself, and far more photo ready for any #fitspo snaps. 

Shop the Look: Volant Silk Cashmere Open V-Neck

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