The Fresh Air Fund's Salute To American Heroes Gives Some American Celebs The Chance To Give Back

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 5, 2009

    [Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. All photos by ZACH HYMAN for PMc] Not nearly as refreshing as the charity work that serves as the backbone for The Fresh Air Fund, but an inspiring sight indeed, was the love displayed between relatively still newly-weds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at The Fresh Air Fund's Salute to American Heroes held at the Tavern on the Green yesterday. The songstress served as an honorary chairman for the event for the independent, not-for-profit agency, which has been providing inner-city children with free summer vacations since 1877. Yes, 1877. That's longer than "Hero" has been playing on the radio. Over 10,000 New York children get to experience the benefits of the Fresh Air Fund's efforts thanks to charity events like this one, amongst other efforts. Other attendees included Michelle Williams, Susan Newhouse, Tiki Barber, Zhang Toi, and Patrick Robinson.

    Michelle Williams, Patrick Robinson, Virginia Smith

    Jenny Morgenthau, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey

    Michael Richardson, Susan Newhouse, Donald Newhouse

    Michelle Williams

    Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon