The Fun, Fab Piece Every City Girl Needs This Winter

by Christie Grimm · January 21, 2019

    It's desperately freezing outside. Officially the dead season of winter where there's little to live for, let alone to leave the house for. So how's a girl meant to motivate herself to keep social?

    Well, just as new gym clothes are the perfect push to get your tush slow walking on a treadmill, or laying on a communal mat no one ever wipes down while checking your phone, a playful, statement piece is exactly what you need to keep those plans you made to go grab cocktails.

    College is over, as is the age of the going-out-top. In its place? The far more adult category of going-out-outerwear. The Fifi Bolero from Jocelyn is everything your fabulous cosmopolitan self could ever need. A feathered, fluff piece of heaven that will make you both the coziest and chicest person in the room (think: Kate Moss). 

    Top your favorite color bolero (we're v into Beetle) with a plain tee, or slinky tank, or hell - even a pair of joggers t and you'll have an instant je-obviously-sais-quoi de glamour everyone will be looking at.

    [Photos via Jocelyn & Guest of a Guest]