The Grand Opening Of The Stoli Hotel

by guestofaguest · May 8, 2008

    Chace Crawford , Jason Lewis [What is Chace Crawford showing Jason Lewis to do??]

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan

    Note from GofG: Not to be outdone by Etta, our charismatic Antwan reports on last night's Stoli Hotel Grand Opening Party....

    "Upon arriving to the "Stoli Hotel" i was greeted by a sea of hipsters, scenesters, and people oddly dressed in business attire, all eager to get into this well publicized party. After a little confusion and the upsetting news that I would not be allowed to shoot photos inside, I went into the "hotel" anyway and helped myself to a drink and hors d'oeuvre. I strategically placed myself in the path of the servers to make sure i got my fill of the edible SWAG. haha. I'm a nerd. yes."

    "The event was in an empty warehouse space along the west side highway and Stoli had put up rooms inside to immulate hotel spaces. The crowd was nice and all ready to get wasted as they attacked the complimentary Stoli bars..they even had places to get foot massages! I would have gotten one, then I realized that they would be touching my feet after touching the sweaty dance feet of hipsters and other folk. So instead, I laughed to myself and had another shrimp hors d'oeuvre. The dance was bumpin and I even heard my favorite Ghostface song.

    The red carpet was as crazy as they get with arrivals like Joy Bryant, Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl, (who I know from the Ruff Club at the Annex that Sophia Hosts each friday), Anthony Anderson, and more..

    All in i give the night a 7/10.."