The Informant! Premieres In New York City: Matt Damon Returns To The Big Screen As A Snitch In A Mustache

by KENDRA SEAY · September 16, 2009

    [Matt Damon, Luciana Barroso. All photos by MARC DIMOV for PMc] Nobody likes a snitch. Unless of course, the tattletale is Oscar winner Matt Damon who is returning to the big screen this month (with a righteous mustache) for his role as Mark Whitacre, the highest ranking corporate snitch in U.S. History in The Informant! The highly acclaimed film directed by Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Che, Erin Brokovich) marks the fourth time this duo has teamed up on the big screen having previously worked together on The Ocean's Eleven flicks... Guests flooded the red carpet Tuesday Night at the Ziegfeld Theater to check out the new film with Soderberg's typical dark comedy-meets-thriller delivering again. The movie also starring Scott Bakula, The Soup's Joel McHale, and Melanie Lynske is based on a true story, or "tattle-tale" of Mark Whitacre, who takes on the surreal job as a corporate whistleblower on behalf of the FBI.

    Matt Damon, Luciana Barroso, Chelsea Field, Scott Bakula

    Matt Damon

    Joel McHale, Melanie Lynskey

    Tamara Houston, Allan Housto, Rick Overton