The Katy Curtin Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 10, 2008

    Katy CurtinTonight is an event that supports a cause very close to my heart; The Katy Curtin Multiple Sclerosis Foundation provides financial assistance to individuals with MS and their families. This financial aid helps families to pay for unmet medical needs, social services, counseling, rehabilitation, drug therapies, research, and education. Having had several family members lose their struggle with MS, I can tell you this is a worthy cause.

    MS is an autoimmune condition where a person's own immune systems viciously attacks their central nervous system. Sufferers struggle with many physical and mental symptoms, including areas of skin with heightened sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, difficulties with coordination and balance, problems in speech, or swallowing, visual problems, fatigue and acute or chronic pain syndromes. Neuropathic pain is the most common, distressing and intractable of the pain syndromes in MS. Neuropathic pain usually occurs in the legs, it is constant and feels like an intense burning or tingling, pins and needles, shivering, feelings of pressure, stabbing, shooting, gnawing, tingling, tightness and numbness.

    The Katy Curtin Event will be from 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornel Medical Center. There will be Cocktails & Light Buffet. Entertainment by Interoceanico, a Live Auction and celebrity co-chairs Dustin Hoffman, Bob Costas and the newly married Eli Manning. TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR, they are $150 per person. Even if you can’t make the event you can donate or learn about more ways to help. We need to find a cure!