The Leading Ladies of Lincoln Center Re-Open Alice Tully Hall

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · February 24, 2009

    [Laurie Tisch, Frank Bennack Jr. Photos by CLINT SPAULDING/PMc]


    Last night, the Leading Ladies of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts celebrated the re-opening of Alice Tully Hall, while also honoring one of their own, Laurie Tisch, and her efforts on this and other projects that are part of the major redevelopment of the Center "campus." Guests enjoyed a viewing of Graff Jewels before performances from Dawn Upshaw, The Emerson String Quartet, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, and the Julliard Orchestra, gathering afterward in the (hopefully well-heated) Lincoln Center Tent in Damrosch Park for dinner, where Frank Bennack Jr., Chairman of Lincoln Center, praised Ms. Tisch's leadership.

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    Jonathan Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, Henri Barguirdjian, Marianne Lafiteau

    Gail Nayowith, Kate Heiberg, Susan Fuhrman, Christine Quinn, Laurie Tisch, Emily Tisch Sussman

    David and Julia Koch

    Mikhail Baryshnikov